Spring and Summer Solomon Fund Registration Event Was a Success

Sunday, March 20, over 100 Latino families joined Solomon Fund and its partner organizations at the PC MARC for its 5th annual spring and summer Solomon Fund Registration Event. Bi-annually, Solomon Fund invites organizations that offer a diverse range of programs, such as art, sports, or recreational activities to host a table at the registration event. In parallel, Solomon Fund invites Spanish-speaking families in our community to come and find spring and summer activities for their kids, all at discounted rates.

Park City Community Foundation’s ability to convene community players and build long-lasting relationships is on full display each time we host one of these registration events. This time around, we wanted to host this event in a facility that is an asset to our community: PC MARC. Holding the event in such a space allowed many families to visit this recreational space for the first time. We are proud to have partners that are dedicated to increasing how their spaces and places feel to Latino community members.

This spring, Park City Community Foundation’s Solomon Fund will be allocating upwards of $175,000 to partner organizations actively working on increasing the number of Latino students participating in their programs. Last year, we were able to support over 1,300 registrations amongst the 18 organizations receiving funding from us.

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