Staff Spotlight: Q&A with Solomon Fund Intern, Sadie Ortiz

Park City Community Foundation is thrilled to welcome Sadie Ortiz as our summer intern. Sadie is a dynamic young woman whose passion for social justice is making a huge impact in Park City. We are so glad that she is part of our team this summer. Over the last two months, she has been helping the Solomon Fund translate promotional materials, increase outreach efforts, manage the Solomon Fund Facebook page, and organize events. Thank you, Sadie!

Q: What are you doing this summer in addition to interning at Park City Community Foundation and the Solomon Fund?

A: In addition to interning at the Park City Community Foundation, I have been attending a couple of summer camps, meeting with mentors, babysitting, doing community service, and doing a five-week-long summer school program in preparation for honors and advanced placement classes.

Q: What inspired you to intern for the Solomon Fund?

A: I was inspired to intern for the Solomon Fund because of the excitement and joy it brings to kids. The thought of being able to surround myself with a nonprofit organization and with people who serve the Latino community, my community, in order to bring equity has allowed me to see the world in a different light. Growing up, sports played a very large role in my life and now I get to give back to the community that has allowed me to dream. I think that growing up in Park City has made me love myself and I want to help others around me, who at one point might have felt like outcasts, to experience this same joy. That is exactly what the Solomon Fund does.

Q: Tell us your vision of what the Solomon Fund could be?

A: The Solomon Fund could be a safe haven, a place for Latinos to turn to, not only when there is a need for sports or extracurricular activities, but when there is a need for help. This will continue to happen as the Solomon Fund expands and becomes more known within the Latino Community.

Q: What is it about Park City Community Foundation that you love?

A: I love Park City Community Foundation because of its selflessness. Sometimes I stop and think about my time growing up in Park City and how it would have been different if I was in Salt Lake. I immediately become thankful for people who dedicate their time to Park City Community Foundation. I love being in the office and how the staff is always attentive to helping others. I simply love the people and the work that is done here. I get excited knowing that people want to help me succeed and knowing that Park City has allowed me to dream big.

Sadie Ortiz also participated in TEDxYouth and her video is worth a watch. Check it out here:

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