10 Ways Live PC Give PC Has Impacted the Community in 10 Years

What on earth is Live PC Give PC, anyway? The answer depends on who you ask. Now in its 10th year, the annual giving day for Summit County nonprofit organizations means different things to different groups.

To honor a decade of giving, we’ve gathered a Top 10 list of what some of the impact has been from organizations that have helped our community with funds from Live PC Give PC for the past 10 years.

  1. Live PC Give PC is a forklift. Carolyn Wawra, Executive Director of Recycle Utah, bought a new forklift in 2015 (for roughly $20,000) that increased efficiency, allowing for faster processing of materials. “The other one was breaking down – we bought it used to begin with,” she said. “Getting one that truly met our needs has been a game changer. It’s essential to operations.”
  2. It’s a perfect trail. “Without Live PC Give PC, it would be impossible to offer the level of service we offer right now, especially on a year-round basis,” said Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director of Mountain Trails. “Round Valley is one example. It’s a heavy, heavy use area, we daily groom 30 kilometers of XC trails and 20 miles of fat-tire trails. Use has doubled this year – it’s as high as most national parks now.”
  3. It’s employee health benefits. “This is the first year we have full-time staff with health insurance,” Sturgis added. “With these funds we built up a staff and gave them benefits, which enables more grant writing and partnerships. We can say yes to more trail construction projects. It’s a huge chunk to us.”
  4. It’s free healthcare to uninsured residents of Summit and Wasatch counties; largely service sector workers who underpin our tourism-based economy. “If we don’t take care of them they’re not here to take care of our economy, which is integral,” said Beth Armstrong, Executive Director of People’s Health Clinic. “We provide almost 10,000 patient encounters a year for less than $1 million, and with the funding from Live PC Give PC we’ve hired support staff critical to volunteer health care providers.”
  5. It’s an array of school clubs, programs and facilities, including robotics, playground equipment, debate team coaches, and support for first-generation college students. “This year is very important since no school-based fundraising activities can occur,” said Abby McNulty, President of the Park City Education Foundation, which adds over $1 million to the Park City School District budget annually. “This is the one shot schools have to fundraise for the year.”
  6. It’s a food truck. To raise spirits and take something off frazzled teachers’ plates during Covid, Park City Education Foundation is bringing food trucks to school campuses monthly to feed faculty and staff lunch at no cost.
  7. It’s brand-new youth theater space for drama lessons and full-scale productions. Called “Under Main Street” because it is accessed by tunnel from the Egyptian Theater, the space will serve 700 kids indoors and up to 2,500 in summer including outdoor areas, said Egyptian Theater Director Randy Barton.
  8. It’s well-checks on families with new babies and young children. “Live PC Give PC was key in helping us expand our Parents as Teachers program,” said Maria Mullahi, Director of development for Holy Cross Ministries. “We doubled the number of families served.” The program incorporates home visits, needs assessments and help with access to services for families with children under 3 years old, to bolster early childhood development in low-income immigrant families.
  9. It’s cooking classes. “The community support EATS received allowed us to grow our taste tests into after-school cooking classes, thus expanding palates and essential life skills in children throughout the greater Park City area, said Meaghan Miller, Executive Director of Eat Awesome Things (EATS). “Last year, EATS added food security to our programs. EATS is helping grow healthier generations!”
  10. Finally, Live PC Give PC is an annual investment in the community that produces tangible yet priceless results. Every first Friday in November, community members join in and give – but donations can also be made all year round at LivePCGivePC.org. Since it began, Live PC Give PC has raised more than $12.8 million. The fruits of Live PC and Give PC surround all of us every day of the year.

Give on Nov. 6, 2020 at LivePCGivePC.org.

EATS working hard to get supporters during Live PC Give PC 2019.

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