Meet Board Member, Leslie Snavely

Leslie Snavely is a woman of many talents. In the professional world, she serves as CHG Healthcare’s Chief Sales Officer. Utah Business recently named her a 2021 CXO of the Year honoree. She’s been named one of Utah Businesses’ “40 under 40”, serves on the executive committee of the Women’s Leadership Institute, and is an acting board member for Med One Group.

In her personal life, Snavely is a wife, a mother to two children, an active outdoor enthusiast, and an altruistic community member. Upon her family’s arrival in Park City in 2005, Snavely got involved with Park City Community Foundation as a donor. Since then, she has grown to become a founding member of Women’s Giving Fund, and she currently sits on the Board of Directors.

Snavely often finds herself being asked by friends and colleagues, “Leslie, when do you sleep?”

It’s not that Snavely never sleeps, although she admits if one element of her life is going to suffer due to lack of time, it would be sleep. Snavely has done the work to strike a balance between her priorities –– to be a good mother, a good partner, a good community member, and a good person.

The journey has not always been easy. It was not until late in her career when Snavely came to terms with the idea that maybe her professional life wasn’t exactly what she wanted it to look like. Snavely made the move from packaged goods marketing and sales to healthcare 11 years ago because she wanted her work to make an impact. She wanted to feel a connection to a mission.

“If you’re going to put yourself in a box, make sure it’s the one that you created and that you want to be in,” said Snavely. “No one knows you as well as you know you. By learning it late in my career, I’ve been able to try things that I wanted, not because somebody else wanted me to, but because I wanted to. I think if I would have learned that sooner I would have been happier, and I think that’s really important for young people and young moms to remember.”

Ever since she redrew her box, it’s been Snavely’s mission to empower other women to take similar chances on themselves. She wanted to live in a ski town, have her and her partner find jobs that they love, and have a family. She prioritized her objectives, made deliberate decisions, and got creative with her time to meet her goals. Snavely redefined what her box looked like, and now she wants to help other women access the resources they need to draw their own.

“I’ve recognized, especially in Park City, that there is such a challenge for so many people to try and have all the moving parts working together – family, health, security, a professional life, etc.,” explained Snavely. “I’ve always felt a deep passion to try and do everything that I can to support women and girls on their mission to have what they dream of. Where they have safety and security, and the support structure to do as much with their own talents themselves as they choose to do. So, when the Community Foundation brought the Women’s Giving Fund to fruition, it felt to me like one of the most impactful ways to help women and children in our community.”

Since its inception, Women’s Giving Fund has grown into a 1,400-member strong community that is more than a circle of philanthropists, it’s an entire community of women helping women. Each woman must contribute $1,000 minimum over time, a donation that goes towards the program’s endowment fund operated by Park City Community Foundation. Thus far, over $1.5 million has been contributed, allowing for grants to be made to local nonprofits from its earnings in perpetuity, so Park City women can feel the love of their community for generations to come.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know where to give, but by giving via Park City Community Foundation and Women’s Giving Fund, I get the confidence that help is going to those most in need,” explained Snavely. “The fact that it’s an enduring, endowed effort, means it’s not one and done. This money works harder for the community, women, and children. By giving my money here, versus elsewhere, I’m guaranteed the lasting impact of my gift instead of a one-time impact.”

Snavely, and her 11-year-old daughter, are proud founding members of the program. In addition to her role at the Women’s Leadership Institute, Snavely feels confident her participation in Women’s Giving Fund assists her on her mission to support women and children in the state she calls home.

“At the end of the day, all we have in life is time, treasure, and talent,” said Snavely. “I can give my time to things, I can give my money to things, and I can give my talent to things. I try to make my choices aligned with that knowledge.”

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